i love this guy

in which stephanie experiences an extremely normal and not at all unhealthy amount of crippling emotions

i am physically incapable of multishipping once i get attached to one ship you have been warned

merlin / merthur / brolin | reign / frary | les miserables | how I met your mother | parks and recreation | the office | the pillars of the earth

art: achelseabee | gif: brolinskeep

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Anonymous asked: "That awkward moment when you realize a fanfiction story was likely written by a 14-year-old and instead of getting into the story you're just like 'How the fuck do you know what rimming is? WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS' and instead of just enjoying a fic you end up feeling like you need to shower then volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club."

i’m just going to leave this here for a certain someone because i am LAUGHING

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