i love this guy

in which stephanie experiences an extremely normal and not at all unhealthy amount of crippling emotions

i am physically incapable of multishipping once i get attached to one ship you have been warned

merlin / merthur / brolin | reign / frary | les miserables | how I met your mother | parks and recreation | the office | the pillars of the earth

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professortennant asked: "I think Arthur would be self-conscious about his belly pudge and maybe Merlin pins him by the wrists and licks down his chest and swirls his tongue in Arthur's belly button and nips at the bulging skin there and Arthur shies away and struggles against Merlin's body and tells him to move on and Merlin shakes his head against his stomach, hair tickling sensitive skin, and keeps kissing and nipping and licking at the skin until Arthur relaxes and lets his manservant take care of him."

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