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in which stephanie experiences an extremely normal and not at all unhealthy amount of crippling emotions

i am physically incapable of multishipping once i get attached to one ship you have been warned

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professortennant replied to your post: Can you even imagine what the wrap party was like this year? I imagine Colin and Bradley clinging to each other and crying into each others’ shoulders and all the cast in one big teary group hug, knowing they have to leave their little Merlin family after five years. Ugh, babies.
Fic that involves desperate, drunken kisses. Colin shoving Bradley up against the wall of a dark corner, hushed confessions in his ear, wet and messy kisses that taste like mint and alcohol and the frantic grip of Bradley’s fingers on his hips…


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  2. professortennant said: And then Bradley would pull away and his voice would be broken and he’d say, “It’s over now. No more hiding, no more running. It’s not or never.” And he’s butt his head against Colin’s and walk away and hope that Colin would follow…
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