i love this guy

in which stephanie experiences an extremely normal and not at all unhealthy amount of crippling emotions

i am physically incapable of multishipping once i get attached to one ship you have been warned

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so i bought a tardis iphone case

which i’m pretty sure

is actually super unoriginal by tumblr standards

but everyone who sees me irl will think it’s really unique and clever

and i’ll be like

pls lol don’t be too impressed 

  1. tarddis said: omg I thought mine was all original and stuff and then I was like working at school at our convenience store thing and this girl comes up to the register like this totally normal girl and she has one and I was like UH please be my friend
  2. oddthingsinthedark said: I have seen this case in the flesh (except it doesn’t have flesh because it is a case
  3. foxyplaydate said: you’re hereby required to hairflip every time someone compliments it.
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